I've had Houdini Apprentice installed for a quite a while and played with it here and there. Recently after watching Side FX's SIGGRAPH 2016 Houdini Roadmap video I decided to give Houdini another try. This page is (hopefully) going to be full of my projects and experiments as I learn more about Houdini.


A Newton's Cradle Simulated in Houdini using a combination of rigid body and wire solvers. Rendered in Maya with Renderman. Composited in Nuke.

A procedural Rubik's Cube made with Houdini. I began following this tutorial: https://vimeo.com/137741974 to create a Rubiks cube but soon veered off and tried a different method using what I had learned so far. 

A procedural spider web made in Houdini. I can't take credit for the techniques used here as I followed this tutorial: https://vimeo.com/163840170. However I feel I learned a lot doing it.

An FK/IK Ribbon made in Houdini. I thought for one of my first projects I would try a project in an area I know well such as rigging. To that end I decided to recreate my Maya spine setup using ribbons in Houdini.